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i am taking commissions to rase money to go see my sister who now lives in Japan, i haven’t seen her in just short of 3 years so i miss her a ton ;3;

i am a freelance artist so art is the only way i can rase enough money to go see her! i will also be doing sculpture and doll clothing commissions through those are filled up/on the waiting list at the moment

if you don’t want to or can’t commission me i’d appreciate re-blogs to get the word out!


10$-15$- single character no background depending on the complexity of the design (add 10$-15$ per extra character also depending on detail)

30$+ - background 1 or more characters, price will go up depending on complexity


15$-20$- single character no background depending on the complexity of the design (add 10$-15$ per extra character also depending on detail)


10$ will get you a bust/waist shot

15$ will get you a more detailed bust/waist shot or a full body

20$ will get you a couple 

25$ + will get you a background and so on


aside from regular stuff i will do nudity, blood and gore

i will do furies and robots but it will be a case by case situation since there may be things i just can’t draw

fanart is ok too!

if you want me to do a work that is not listed in the price guidelines feel free to ask we may be able to compromise

feel free to contact me if you want more examples of my work or price quotes

i can only except money via paypal in USD (unless you know me irl then we can discuss ;D)

you will NOT receive the original piece, you will however receive a high resolution version that you may print for your self if you feel so inclined :)

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    please commission me so i can have nice things i’m still taking commissions for art! i am all booked for sewing...
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    a friendly reminder that i do take commissions for art >A>;;;
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